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MS549-11907 Mathers ClearCommand
The MS549-11907 is the old  Mathers ClearCommand for boats with Caterpillar electric throttle, mechanical shift, and mechanical troll applications. This older ClearCommand supported the Caterpillar Sync system.
The replacement most often required for the MS549-11907 is the 92110 ClearCommand, however the 92112/3/4/5 can also be used.

We can assist you with selecting the best ZF 9000 series ClearCommand for  replacing your old MS549 at affordable prices.

You can also use the existing wiring on your boat. You DO NOT need to change the entire system, just the processors and possibly a couple wires in the engine room; all control heads work with the new 9000 series ClearCommands!
I was the Service Manager at Mathers Controls Inc and at ZF Mathers, so know these systems thoroughly, and can provide tech support from system purchase, to dock trials and sea trials.

Email us at or call us at 360-914-0256 for prompt expert support.

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